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Dancing hi-tech show in lightning costumes for unforgettable events in England, France, Germany and Italy

We are proud to present you our lightning dancing show in LED costumes specially programmed for music


+ 38067 550 21 18 – Ivan petrivsky

About us in a word
We are a goal-oriented team of 23 professionals, including choreographers, movement directors, programmers, designers, sewers and technical assistants!
We are like a puzzle. We were building our team gradually, part by part. It was a dream for us four years ago to make such highly technologically advanced show. We were awaken all the time with an idea about a technology combining MUSIC, LIGHTS and DANCE. It was difficult for us to arrange and fix everything. We changed our solving approach several times and started from the beginning. Initially, we were used to receive one answer while we were trying to find solution for technical tasks.

This answer was: “It’s impossible to make unwired real-time neon control console.
In Ukraine we were constantly suffering lack of the technical elements which we used in our neon costumes and in the show management. For instance, we had to buy even the power jacks abroad! Each purchase was a trial in searching the best solution of our problems and optimal balance in price and quality. But as well-known there are no limits to perfection. And we are making our project better and better and doing the best what we can investigating new technological ideas and solutions

It was a notable day, when choreographers saw the costumes in the first time. The brightest moment was when all our costumes were lightening. IT WORKS! was the first thought in my mind. We didn’t believe this. It was like a high-tech fairytale. Then there were the daily rehearsals of our show, transforming gradually in the 24/7 work.

A year has passed since…
During this time, the costumes have undergone full rebuilding twice, a unique footwear and gloves were constructed. At the moment, we are coming to the end of the terrific offer preparation for corporate events and New Year’s show, which consists of three story plays.
But we believe that our desire to inspire YOU and all, who dream about impossible things, is more important than our work and faith in the dream.

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