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Unique light neon LED show drummers LIGHT DRUM SHOW

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Ladies and gentlemen! Drummers show in Kiev!We offer you a unique, completely new LED not new drummers show – LIGHT DRUM SHOW!Successful team of professional dancers and drummers band light show iSmen prepared an unforgettable spectacle, which is radically different from anything you’ve seen before.The action begins with the first shot on the drums when revive luminous figure Lady Tron and awaken dormant until this point tools to fill the night with neon lights and live drum music.And you already live in the rhythm of the drums: your heart beats in their rhythm, and blood “running” towards the rhythm and the light …Soak up the atmosphere of the unique LED neon light show drummers, let the stream of light and music will take you into the unique world of its own!Wireless technology management costumes, special effects, live sound, professional dancers!Book now by phone: 38 (066) 291 18 18 and get a nice bonus from the neon drummers show!

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LIGHT DRUM SHOW American technology in the show drummers!

Шоу барабанщиковIn the pitch darkness with the first rhythms drummers appear and light is born! This is a show of music and dance! It is performed in complete darkness and in the twilight without loss of quality for the show. The duration of the drummers’ show is 15 minutes with an interactive, which comes as a bonus. What is Interactive? Our luminous dancers distribute light drums of up to 5 pcs to your guests. and glowing hoops. Under the background music themed LED drummers and your guests beat the rhythm until you get bored! At this time, you can take a selfie and make a unique video for memory! Artists -2 drummer, 2 dancers.

LIGHT DRUM DJ SHOW – an explosive mix of drummer shows and DJ dance tracks!

IMG_300x206Shows for clubs, tear-off parties, for the prom of your dream! Mega bright glow of drummers and incendiary DJ tracks will warm up the light and rhythm in your veins! The duration of the show of drummers is up to 30 minutes. The artists are -2 drummers, 1DJ.


Show drummers for a solemn meeting of the guests. Imagine a celebration of a storm of emotions, because the first person you saw at the entrance to the event was not a security guard, not a hostess girl, not an event organizer – this is a neon drummer! Live sound! Hits! The flow of light and rhythmic energy will lighten the mood of your guests and set them up for enjoyment! The duration of the drummer’s show is 30 minutes. Artists -2 drummer.


Show luminous drum beats in the nominations. Do you organize a wedding or a corporate party, or a party in the style of nominations? The show of drummers will emphasize the grandeur of the moment of awarding nominations! The presenter announces the nomination … and after him the LED drummer explodes! Live sound! Unreal bright LED light!

The duration of the show drummers to 15 minutes.

The artists are 2 drummers.

In the show of drummers the factor of the music itself is very important! After all, guests at your event want to hear your favorite hits, so the neon drummers of LIGHT DRUM SHOW perform only hits! Be sure to tell us when ordering a drum show that you would like to hear tracks on your triumph.
Neon drummers LIGHT DRUM SHOW – the first LED drummers in Ukraine who move during the show on stage, and do not work statically at the drum stand!

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Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a unique LED neon light show drummers, let the flow of light and music take you to your unique world! Wireless costume management technologies, special effects, live sound, professional drummers and dancers! Book now by phone: +38 (066) 291 18 18 and get a nice bonus from the drummer neon show!

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