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Light is not just a picture? Hmm..

Yes Yes! That’s right – the light is not just a picture! We went further! We draw light pictures, add our unique programming software for costumes, some brilliant ideas of the director and – Hi tech light pictures from ISMEN! Order, friends! Break the stereotypes and finally surprise your guests !!! How many we have seen light pictures and never heard Wow! And only with the help of our idea we managed to combine programming with drawing a picture, to hear Wow many times! Imagine! The artist paints the sky, the sun … the sun turns into a balloon and …. Flies away! It really flies away. The picture scatters, and we see how the balloon flew backstage! And at this very moment you will be surprised as in childhood! Imagine how much more we have prepared for you ??? Be sure: we draw stories to order, sweetly beat on hi tech programming elements, and cost the same money!

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