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Light show, drum show, Led show iSMEN in Moscow, Kiev and abroad

What is a Lazerman LED SHOW light? If it is simpler to say, this is a dance in complete darkness in luminous costumes with LASERS! Have you seen a light neon show in “Ukraine Has Talent”? So you understand what it is about. The difference is that we also provide laser technology. And if you hear about a neon LED show for the first time, then you’d better, of course, see a dance video in glowing costumes once than read its description.

Neon Lazerman LED SHOW FIRST AND EXCLUSIVE IN UKRAINE! Only our team at the moment has connected the most sophisticated programming technologies with a laser show! With each new experience, a neon light show is technically complicated and improved. LEDs, light paper (used only in iSmen), neon letters, LED numbers have already appeared on glowing neon show costumes. Now we are conquering you with a laser show that interacts with the program on costumes !!! The light neon show has conquered many sites throughout Ukraine and Russia: from the Ministerial in Odessa, Donbass Palass in Donetsk, Stereoplaza in Kiev and to nightclubs in Kerch, Rovno and hotels in the Crimea.
Illuminated Neon Led show iSmen shared a stage with pop stars: Nastya and Potap, Loboda, Ani Lorak, Tina Karol, Tik, Ponamarev and many others! We were lucky to work with the best event agencies in Ukraine and Russia. Our Clients are: “New mail”, “BMW”, “Vesti”, “Lavrynovich and Partners”, “Delivery”, “Stivargo”, “Altcom”, “KhTZ”, but not to list the whole list of expensive Clients.
We give a guarantee, the show will please all guests! Our confidence is based on five years of experience! Order the Neon Lazerman Led show iSmen! Five dancers take part in this show and it lasts 15 minutes.
If your playground requires scale – we will provide you 7 dancers in this room, which lasts 15 minutes.

Choosing from the assortment of neon shows? Leave the application and the manager will help in choosing!

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