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We give a guarantee of quality on the glowing smart costumes iSmen!

Light show iSmen is located in all large cities of Ukraine.

On our site you can buy neon at convenient prices and excellent quality, because we ourselves use it. We sell LEDs, led, light paper, light fabric, neon sticks, neon glasses, neon lights, glowing t-shirts, glowing dresses, LED costumes, LED wings.
Call: 066 291 18 18 and we will provide you with a price list. You will like it.

For three years, our franchises have been a success, and luminous suits with wireless control work throughout Ukraine and Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Germany and France. To your delight, we will tell you the secrets of creating a glowing suit on the wireless control on this page.

How to create glowing costumes using LEDs and neon?

How to create glowing costumes? The iSmen light show team decided to share the secrets of creating neon glowing costumes. Recently, we increasingly receive letters from everyone who saw our show on youtube with a request to tell how all this coolness works? I hope that now we are not too traumatized by your idea of creating luminous costumes, saying that the heart of the costumes is a fee, not a flexible neon and not LEDs. You will find on the Internet a lot of articles on how to sew neon to a suit. Where to buy neon and LEDs. By the way, we recommend one of the articles as the most understandable. .But nowhere will you find information about how …

AS??? How does a smart glowing suit work?

Could it be the dancers themselves turn the glowing costumes on and off? Maybe they are so dexterous, that holding the suit control panel in their palms, they switch all parts of the neon suit exactly in millisecond time? Oh, yes, they are still dancing, doing support … Someone thinks that during the show one programmer is sitting backstage and very quickly gaining programs for each dancer. At the same time for five! When we heard such ideas from our fans, we felt scared. What if it all happened? ))) But fortunately, the situation is much more complicated and easier at the same time. How do we create our costumes?

The phased creation of costumes neon light show iSmen!

Well, for example, today is Monday. You called us and ordered a glowing suit on a wireless control. We voice the minimum cost of creating one suit based on your request. This cost is created from the RAZRABOTKI payment and the costumes themselves. Costumes are tailoring of overalls, the creation of individual neon design, this is the manufacture of plastic segments with neon and LEDs. If you only need RAZRABOTKA wireless control – the whole technical part in order to make the costumes glow and blink, we are ready to sell it from 3000 USD. But sometimes we have awesome discounts, but read about it and about the development itself below!

Do you have a sketch of the costume?

If there is – great! Well, if you are lost in your neon fantasies, artist Katenka will help you create a glowing costume. For approval of design costumes, we devote no more than 3 business days. Next, a seamstress designer is taken to work, fabrics are selected, the complexity of work is indicated, and as a conclusion we understand what time it will take to create your costumes. You get a presentation showing all the items to create costumes. After 2 – 4 weeks, depending on the complexity, quantity, and uniqueness of the order, you will receive not a luminous costume … but your ready-made show! Why?

Together with the costumes and the development, you get the scenarios of our shows, which will help you to show your brainchild on the big and small stages of the country in a week of rehearsal!

For example, you already have neon or LED glowing costumes. Or do you seamstress and plumber in one person and want to sew yourself and solder a suit. In general, all you need from us is development!

Buy a glowing suit? It’s simple.

You pay 50% of the cost of development, we will send you all the technical part of the show: boards, inverters, batteries, transmitter. You get a development kit, check its working condition and send us the remaining 50% of the cost. As soon as we see your payment, we will send you software, online lessons, and video lessons of the light show by email. Working with us you need only 14 days to create your own light show !!! This is a record time!