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Light family play # Dreamers – this is the unique light show in Europe in computer suits. Will capture the attention and children and adults.

The nearest performances will take place:

Lviv – September 9

Vasilkov – October 9

Riga – November 14

Kyiv – December 18-27

At the performance, your child will know what details the Dream Mechanism consists of!

Children with the main character Ordinary Nobody will collect all the components of the Dream Mechanism and will reveal the secret that the main thing is not talent, but actions every day towards Dream, self-belief and desire to bring benefit to other people!

For 2018, such performances can be visited only in America. The ISMENLIGHT team for the second year pleases adults and children with their light performances in Kiev, Odessa, Kishenev and Poland. We, the team of the light show ISMENLIGHT, are real DREAMERS, and we believe that the time has come for innovative performances for the whole family!

Video episode of the performance on the show “Poland has talent.”

All types of light show in one performance – each show causes a lot of excitement in children and is absolutely safe.

Dancing light is not an easy picture, neon people, light animals, neon show of soap bubbles!

TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED ON THE TELEPHONE 066 291 1818, at the address of Mikhail Kotsyubinsky street, 4b.


Choosing from the assortment of neon shows? Leave the application and the manager will help in choosing!

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