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Welcome, friends, on our site of light show / show neon / LED show — iSmen!


This stunning neon light show and LED technology that takes your fancy and you are not holding your breath tired wonder my eyes every second.


Imagine in the pitch dark with the first sound of your favorite music born shapes, effects, dance!


Your thoughts will be only one! I want to see it again! I want to talk about neon show friends and show video!


Weddings, corporate events, birthday for adults and children, anniversaries, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, concerts — neon light show iSmen give your holiday unique and unforgettable!


At your request, our team will develop for you a unique personalized neon show!


With neon show iSmen you can say with confidence: «We had a fab holiday, which will tell!»


First in Ukraine — a unique LED light show drummers «LIGHT DRUM SHOW»!



We offer you a unique, completely new LED light show drummers called LIGHT DRUM SHOW! Burning mix of light effects and live sound of drums! Learn more…

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